Snowshoeing, Winter Hikes & Ice Walks

Mitchell Pond at Heritage Ranch

Play Outside This Winter

From city parks to Bighorn Country, there's no execuses not to be playing in the snow.

Central Alberta might not be known for its large snowfall - we consider 10 cm to be a big storm - but that doesn't mean we can't have fun outside. There's lots of options throughout the area for snowshoeing, including city parks like Heritage Ranch and the western end of David Thompson Country. The dry climate also means we can often hike all year round, with trails like Siffleur Falls often clear of snow all year long.
Heritage Ranch

Heritage Ranch


Snowshoeing in Barrett Park

Plan Your Adventure

Many of the best places in Central Alberta are not well marked. Make sure to download the maps and bring a copy of the guide with you before your head out.

Pursuit Adventures offers guided tours throughout the year, from half day tours to the ice bubbles to full day photo adventures.

Guided Tours

Enjoy the comfort that comes with a guide who knows the area’s trails, wildlife and terrain so that you can focus on your adventure, while the rest is taken care of.

Head Out On Your Own

Sometimes you just want to head out on your own to explore the area. We get it. That's why we share all our adventure guides.

Find Your Adventure

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Head Out With A Guide

Make the most of your adventure and head out with a guide. Pursuit Adventures offers winter tours throughout Central Alberta from November to April.