Alberta Parks - David Thompson Country

Crescent Falls

Explore Bighorn Country

Explore a series of parks along Highway 11 from Red Deer to Rocky Mountains. Discover the area’s rich history, rugged landscapes and opportunities to get away from the crowds.

Spend some time off the beaten path along highway 11.

Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

Mount Peskett – Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

Kootenay Plains

Wildflowers on the Kootenay Plains

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Many of Central Alberta’s protected areas have limited services during parts of the year. Make sure to check with each of the locations to find out their hours of operations before you head out.

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Kootenay Plains PRA
The Kootenay Plains PRA provides a basecamp from where to explore the surrounding protected areas and their natural, indigenous and historical
Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve
The Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve protects a unique grassland and forest mosaic providing a home to many species of rare plants, birds and wildlife.