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The North Saskatchewan River and the Kootenay Plains

Discover Nature in Central Alberta

Explore Central Alberta’s natural areas, from the urban parks of Red Deer to the untouched areas of the Siffleur Wilderness.

Head out to explore on your own, stop by one of the region’s nature centre or head out with an interpreter to learn more about the area.

Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

Mount Peskett – Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve

Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park

There’s a wide range of protected areas in the Central Alberta, from Provincial Recreation Areas and municipal parks to two wilderness areas and the oldest federal migratory bird sanctuary.

Plan Your Adventure

Many of Central Alberta’s nature, environment and wildlife centres are open only during the summer. Make sure to check with each of the locations to find out their hours of operations before you head out.

Find Your Adventure

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Waskasoo Park
Red Deer's park system is home to a variety of activities, from recreation at Bower Ponds to the tranquil setting of the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary.
Crescent Falls
Explore a series of parks along Highway 11. Discover the area's rich history, rugged landscapes and opportunities to get away from the crowds.
Kootenay Plains PRA
The Kootenay Plains PRA provides a basecamp from where to explore the surrounding protected areas and their natural, indigenous and historical
Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve
The Kootenay Plains Ecological Reserve protects a unique grassland and forest mosaic providing a home to many species of rare plants, birds and wildlife.
Heritage Ranch
Located along the river, the area was once used as a quarry and has now been fully reclaimed into an amazing green space.
Ellis Bird Farm
Take a stroll through the gardens, learn about mountain bluebirds and other native cavity-nesting birds and enjoy a delicious lunch at the Ellis Cafe.
Kerry Wood Nature Centre
Go on a nature adventure without leaving the city. The whole family will love the Kerry Wood Nature Centre with its exhibits, art gallery and playground.